We are situated in the historical centre of Saint-Petersburg!

What are our advantages?

We are situated, not far away from the most visiting places of the Nothern capital. Over here are also lots of pubs and restaurants.

Wicked! What else?

We have rooms for any demands, friendly working personel speaking English, our rooms cleaned and sheets changed on daily basis, breakfast included for a resonable price.

Already want to stay with us?

We keep one of the lowerest prices in the city and there are also tourists staying here from all around the world. You actually can make friends here!

Not far away is Sennaya square ...
a one of historical squares in Europe.

from the History

The square was established in 1737 as a market where hay, firewood and cattle were sold. It was built under the extension of the Garden Street, and grew quickly, becoming the cheapest and the most active market in Saint Petersburg. The Hay Market was a place where merchants and farmers could trade. It was there that malefactors were flogged before a large concourse of people.

In 1753, the Church of the Assumption of the Mother of God was built in a sumptuous Baroque style. In the middle of the square is a former guardhouse (1818–20). The square was a venue for the cholera riots of 1831. The surrounding district was known for its infamous slums, which provide the setting for Dostoevsky's novel Crime and Punishment.

Nevsky ave is also close to us

Nevsky ave is one of the gorgeous places in Saint-Petersburg

Nevsky Prospect is the main street in the city of St. Petersburg, Russia, named after the 13th-century Russian prince Alexander Nevsky. Planned by Peter the Great as the beginning of the road to Novgorod and Moscow, the avenue runs from the Admiralty to the Moscow Railway Station and, after making a turn at Vosstaniya Square, to the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.


Our hostel is ten minutes walking from metro (subway) station «Sadovaya» and «Spaskaya»

191023, Russia, 67 Fontanka river embarkment